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The Authentic Honduran Mobile Food Truck in Glen Burnie, MD

Feeling hungry and wondering where to eat? How does an authentic Honduran food experience sound like to you? El Sabor Catracho is not just your regular food truck, it’s mad flavor on wheels! If you are looking for a different kind of meal in Glen Burnie, MD, definitely visit our truck. Here’s what we offer.

The Honduran Food Experience in Glen Burnie

Authentic Latin American Food

Authentic Latin American Food
Latin American cuisine is well known for its diverse variety of dishes incorporating spices as well as cultural influences from lands both near and far away. With our truck in the heart of Glen Burnie, you can dive into a culinary adventure and discover the true taste of Latin America. Get in touch for more information!

Latin American Breakfast

Latin American Breakfast
Start your day with platanos fritos, baleadas, classic Honduran sandwich, or pancakes. Breakfast is a big deal in Latin America, and you can expect huge portions and tons of flavor with whatever choice you make for breakfast. Baleadas Honduran food is many people's favorite. Order in advance now!

Latin American Lunch

Latin American Lunch
Arroz con gandules is a traditional dish served for special occasions, but any occasion can be special with our mobile food truck. Other classic Honduran dishes you can find on the menu include pastelitos fritos, fried chicken, tacos fritos, carne asada, tamalis, Mexican tacos, quesadilla, pupusas, and more.

Where Taste & Culture Meet

Not a lot of people give credit to Honduran cuisine, which is quite often referred to as Latin American cuisine. As proud Hondurans, we decided to start up not just another Honduran cuisine truck business but actually boost the locals’ awareness and narrow the dishes down to Honduran methods and classics.

One thing is certain about Houndrans – we love to eat, and we eat a lot. The food truck gives us the perfect opportunity to do what we love and also share it with the locals and everyone looking for a decent meal any time of the day.

Coffee lovers are always welcome! Yes, coffee is one of the major cash crops of Honduras, and we love to consume lots of it. Our food truck is a kid-friendly deliciousness on wheels, and we offer a lot more non-alcoholic beverages and even hot chocolate.

Imagine you are deep in the Caribbean in the Bay Islands of Honduras. You don’t have to get airplane tickets, all you need to do is visit our truck and grab a bite, and yes, it is that good. Learn about our culture through the food we carefully prepare for you, bring your friends, and enjoy the authentic taste of Honduras!

If you are in or around the Glen Burnie, MD area and looking for the finest quality street food, El Sabor Catracho is definitely the place to visit. Our Honduran food truck is open every day of the week, and if you have any questions or want to order in advance, give us a call today!

Client’s Testimonial

by Kirk Stanley on El Sabor Catracho

My kids love the chicken quesadillas, and we visit the place a few times a month (at least). They make the best carne asadas I've ever had, and as a coffee addict, I'd say they make a pretty good coffee as well! This is something I didn't expect at a mobile food truck. Highly recommended!

Sabrina Peixoto
Sabrina Peixoto
I have used this company for several projects, and they are always very professional and reliable.
Irving Rodriguez
Irving Rodriguez
The best pollo con tajadora ever
John Ladner Jr.
John Ladner Jr.
I had the Carne asada and I've had the Tacos Fritos and they were both delicious. Will be going again.
Ashley Shumaker
Ashley Shumaker
Pollo con tajada was amazing. A lot of chicken. Cripsy plantains. Best pollo con tajada I’ve had in years!!!
Enma Guifarro
Enma Guifarro
Martin Jennings
Martin Jennings
Great Honduran food! Friendly staff.
Quinn Vance
Quinn Vance
Great food! Baleadas are always so tasty!! i love supporting food trucks

El Sabor Catracho
Glen Burnie, MD 21061
Phone: (410) 903-0704

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